Photography Eyal Landesman

Got a new tech product? Let's make it shine

We believe that tech companies and start-ups require a specific brand of video: smart, good looking, catchy and, of course, viral. 

We use narrative and humour in our works. Every product has a little story in it and in Techie we love to make it pop. 

Our team creates product videos, crowdfunding videos, demos, tutorials and commercials. 

Our films and passion projects have been selected to film festivals worldwide including the Cannes film festival. Other projects have been featured in, channel 2, HOT cable TV and the international media.

We harness the passion we have for storytelling and innovative visuals to create your dream project. 

Some of our clients are:

AI type
Trade One


But enough about us, let's talk about how all that relates to you. 

Want to work with us? We love email.

Send us a friendly one with a little about what you're working on, when you want what, for how much, and we'll be happy to answer questions and help you figure out whether it's a good fit.